Know this, beautiful lady – what a man is looking for is not acrobatic sex acts or killer looks… Is that a relief or what?

So stop hiding yourself away thinking you are not enough! What the man who is Mr. Perfect For You is really looking for is neither scary OR impossible! In fact, it’s very natural to you.

Hidden down deep is something he won’t say out loud. Truth is, he’s often unaware of how the years of longing, failure and pain have taught him to cover up his vulnerability. This keeps him from being able to express what he, as a man, is looking for most from you.

As women who have had our hearts broken, we end up assuming he’s out to get what he can get. One of our greatest fears is that he will take advantage of our own vulnerability and then we’ll discover that he isn’t interested in a committed, deep connection at all.

Look closely at what this man is really looking for

If you look closely (and you’re good at this if you relax and take your mind off yourself), if you watch and listen, you are going to observe a person, a human being, who is longing for someone to inspire him; He would like to have somebody believe in him , encourage him to be more than he ever thought he could be, to live the mission he is meant to live in this life.

Finding the freedom and desire to “serve and seed happiness” when he was with you would set you apart from every other woman he’s ever know. I discovered that term describing a man’s natural inclination in an article I recently read. I love those words – to “serve and seed happiness”.

Yes, it’s true that some are way off this mark, lost enough to push women away by using them.

But, for the most part, if you look beyond his initial desire to impress you, his is simply searching just like you are. In fact, what a man is looking for is one thing from you. But it’s not something he will put into words.

Believe me, If you know this, you are way ahead of 97% of women out there. This is the secret to beginning and building the relationship of your dreams.

What he needs isYOU to be you!

Open and real.

Courageous and vulnerable.

Standing up for your heart by saying, “No”.

Clear and direct.

Loving your own body.

Asking him for what you need.

But what do you give him instead?

A woman who hides.

Who covers up her passion for what she loves to do.

Who acts out of her desperation, Insecurities and mistrust.

Who is not clear but confused over what she really wants from love.

Who is ashamed of her body.

Who doesn’t value herself because she believes she’s unlovable.

Who is too timid to ask for what she really needs.

Who is this masked stranger?

She is the version of you that meets him and is NOT YOU at all.

No wonder you struggle to connect with him. What a man wants is to give you his true heart but he can’t if he isn’t even sure who you are.

The question I hear all the time: HOW do I learn to be “me”, shed my fear of being hurt again and just have fun?

How to give a man what he is really looking for…

Give yourself permission to R.E.L.A.X. This is what I did and why I developed this acronym as a guide to letting your tensions and blockages go.

You deserve to shine.

Let your sparkle out. Be at peace by accepting who you are and what you want.

Then live from there.

Yes, you will make mistakes. Yes, it’s trial and error when you begin to let the mask go. That’s why I’m here – to help you.

The end goal is so worth it. It’s FREEDOM.

It’s a win/win:

You get to relax and be yourself.

And he gets to fall in love with the woman you really are.

What is absolutely INCREDIBLE IS stepping into a creed – which is a declaration of how you want to live – that leaves you glowing. And feeling AS IF YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Yes, you can!

The Bigger Win?

HIs heart.

Creating a safe place for your own heart then leaves room for you to create a safe place for him. A place where he can be who he is.

You make it easy for him to admire you, respect you and express his desire to take care of you in the ways that are natural for him. To hear you. And see you.

And that’s what a man is really looking for.