You Are Surrounded By Hundreds of Men

Most people don't believe it can happen until it already has

Ok. That’s tough to believe, I agree. There are hundreds of men and one of them is looking for ME? Yeah, it seemed impossible for me, too.

This is spelling out one of your greatest FEAR BARRIERS to looking for love, isn’t it? I know you’ve heard it over and over again from your friends, relatives, co-workers who are alone and secretly afraid they are going to be for the rest of their lives…

“There are no good men left out there.”

Right? Have you said this? Do you hear it in your head? (and heart?)

Please let me say this…you are wrong about that. There are hundreds of men out there looking for a lady to love.

They are good men. Honest men. Lonely men who would give their lives to take care of and love you.

Of course, you are not going to believe it until it happens. That’s normal. And practical in light of how much you’ve been hurt. That’s where this HUGE thing called “Faith” comes in. Hope. Believing.

However, listen closely – it’s your beliefs that will totally shut your heart down. Block you from EVER finding what you want.

On the upside – it doesn’t take much to demolish those barriers and open your heart to new and amazing things. Such as convincing your brain to believe that there are hundreds of men out there with a simple picture. (*smile) It’s kind of fun to think about.

Stay with me here.

Let me show you how to see the hundreds of men out there.

First, picture you. All alone.

You are caught in a dilemma because you are:

…so afraid of finding love and being hurt again.

…so afraid of NOT finding love and being alone forever.

Am I right? This isn’t a hard one to picture.

It’s what I felt. It’s what hundreds – dare I say, thousands – of women the world over feel after love fails.

Second, see yourself trapped in a box


FEAR boxes you in

Because that’s what FEAR does to you. It creates FEAR BARRIERS that keep you from –


… opening your heart

…allowing yourself to believe that there could be HUNDREDS OF MEN OUT THERE.

…and from believing that there is a good one – Mr. Perfect For You – who is Looking. For. You.

You can’t see much in that box, can you? It’s confined and uncomfortable. And restricting.

Third – Imagine coming out of the Box to the possibility of hundreds of men

Imagine the freedom of coming out of your box of FEAR

Wow! Fresh air.

You can stretch. You can breathe. It feels SO GOOD!

Imagine, as you stand there after being in the box, that you have accepted the fact that there is someone out there who is going to build a Michelangelo Love with you (click the link to dream a little).

And you are going to find him.

Even if it takes 1000 dates. Kissing a few toads. (Yes, even after 50!)…

Practicing saying what you feel and asking for what you need

Seeing the hearts of 1000 different men. You WILL find him.

Deep breath… wouldn’t it feel WONDERFUL to be in this place?

Fourth – Open The Eyes Of Your Heart to Imagine Seeing Hundreds of Men

I’m going to show you HOW to get to this place in a minute. But, in this moment, I want you to imagine feeling that FREEDOM we just talked about.

Change your perspective - step onto a hot air balloon

Now, be creative here. In front of you is a hot air balloon.

You climb on board and go up, up, up to give you a perspective you’ve never seen before.

A new view of your past and future - and all the men out there

It’s incredible up here! Not only do you see all the road behind you that you have walked but you also see ahead.

And what’s there? Or should I say, “Who’s there?” In places you haven’t been yet?

One of those men are worth dating all the rest

There are HUNDREDS OF MEN out there who are lonely. Who have lost love. Who wish they could find it again. And they are looking for someone like you.

These hundreds of men are walking the road of life just like you. Each one has been hurt in some way – some are stuck and not what you want.

But some are able to build a relationship with you. Some are open to getting to know you.

They are just waiting to know who you are. To learn about you. To see you.

It may take time to get through them to find “Mr. Perfect For You” but the secret is that those who don’t give up and enjoy the variety and adventure, find their love.

Fifth – Recognize the FEAR and master it

Beliefs all take place in your heart. Your heart FEARS because of past experiences.

Those FEARS flash DANGER signs to your brain.

Your brain then warns you that there is a risk that you could get hurt again.

However, your brain doesn’t know the difference between the risk of falling over a cliff and a risk you should take because you need to grow.

The FEAR feels the same. And if you listen to it, you will never do anything it warns you about. Hence, you end up in the box afraid of life…and love.

The TRUTH here – all men are not your ex or the last 8 ex’s (or your dad or your teacher or whoever lives in your past) who may have hurt you .

Claiming this in your life will totally transform you and your choices.

Believing this is what is going to make all the difference.

The key to unlocking your heart is recognizing the you are smart enough to recognize poor treatment

*Believe that there isn’t a scarcity of good men out there.

*Believe that you can protect your heart by recognizing poor treatment. This is the absolute, amazing, FREEDOM key.

*Believe that you are able to take care of yourself.

*Believe that being smart is one of your Super Powers – even it you learn by making mistakes – so you know that you have the ability to sift out the men who are Tree Stump men from those who are able to love you in all the ways that you need to be loved.

There are hundreds of good men out there

A higher perspective

Rememberwhen you feel yourself going back into that Box of FEAR…

You will never find what you aren’t looking for. It’s worth learning to love better and better, deeper and deeper. And each man you meet will teach you more about that if you let yourself learn (he won’t even know he’s doing it).

So…when a date or a relationship doesn’t work out, just shout out – “NEXT!!” because, when the time is right, you will meet him. And he will build a love beside you that you never, ever believe exists right now.

So R.E.L.A.X. It’s such a good idea that I put it into a plan. It’s a system you can use (I tested it out when I met my very own Mr. Perfect For Me) anywhere, with any man you meet.

Check it out here. R.E.L.A.X. cause no one should have to be alone if she doesn’t want to be. And…getting there should be fun.

As we said in the beginning, my dear beautiful friend, most women do not believe love is going to happen until it does. You feel as if you are going to be stuck in dating land forever. However, you are not the average human. You have risen above (maybe in a hot air balloon?)

And you are never giving up!