How to attract a man after 50? Be you. Totally you as your best self.

How do you find love again when you have been so devastated by it?

If you didn’t catch all that was in the slideshow above, take a closer look below.

Be you. No apologies. No feeling sorry for yourself because you’re not different – or the same – as some other woman.

Just totally, completely YOU.

Acronyms are amazing. They make it easy to remember what you’re going for.

Whenever you feel anger from a blocked goal, depression which covers up what you are truly feeling or when you fall into comparing yourself…STOP. BREATHE. Then –

Go S.O.F.T.

Step into the strongest, most beautiful side of who you are – your Diamond Woman. She knows how to stand up for heart, embraces her weaknesses and loves that she focuses on growth rather than perfection.

She is open to love again because she knows she will stand up for her heart and won’t settle.

Be her. Smile into the eyes of a man 3 times a day, date to get to know men, not to trap one and he will find you.