Episode 04: Shame and the Fiery FEAR Dragon

Just when you least expect it - BAM! They sneak up on you and knock you down. Not only that, but they'll keep you down and sit on your chest for the rest of your life if you"re not careful.

Shame. And her partner: the Fiery FEAR Dragon. These two can be your nemesis OR they can inspire you to simply be human and growing.

They can stop you from opening your heart again OR inspire you to look them both in the eye, tell them whose boss and embrace the fact that YOU are a woman who is REAL and accepts who she is.

You decide.

Shame reared it’s Ugly Head and Caught Me by Surprise
The Conclusion We Come To: I Must Be Perfect
The 3 Power Pillars
Facing Shame Head On
How standing up to Shame Attracts a Good Man
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