All The Tools You Need To Open Your Heart To Love (and Life) Again.


It's always about your heart.
This is the place you are going to find the secrets to the Courage to be Happy. You have everything you need inside you - just as I do - to live a feisty, feminine and fantastic life Beyond 50.
All you lack is the Courage. My mission is to help you find it.

Feisty. Feminine. Fabulous. Beyond 50.

All that wisdom. All that humor. All that deep, intuitive insight. It's there - in your heart.
And you need to release it like sparkle. For others to see. And feel. And benefit from.
Join the movement that commits to living from a wide open heart. With Courage.

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The Courage To Be Happy


Love...Life... can't happen fully if your heart is closed.
Remember, the only thing standing between you and what you secretly dream is the Story you are telling yourself.
Let's find your Find your Courage. Create a New Story. And open your Heart again.

Life is Simple

It's about 2 things:
How you see yourself.
How you see others.

Where are you with this?

Your Heart Loves A Story

But the magic is in the True Story. About you.  And who you are.And why you're here. Tap into that and you will have all the love you ever wanted.

Are you ready to find your Courage and your true Story?

Love Comes Easier After 50

Yes it does! You have all the wisdom, self-reliance and intelligence that you need inside of you! All you lack is the Courage.

Are you ready to release it?

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Your heart matters to me. Your thoughts, struggles and insights help me to help you and others. I'll respond as quickly as I'm able.

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