Our Story



How We Met

 It was a dark and story night in January. My couch and a warm blanket were calling me as it was Friday and I was anxious to get home after a long week. But, for the third time that winter, my car wouldn’t start. 

I stepped back inside the building in the foyer outside a pharmacy and called my car service and then my daughter for help. “Can you bring booster cables?”

A nice looking man with kind eyes stood waiting for his prescription. He couldn’t help but overhear so, as he went to leave, he said, “I think I have some booster cables in my truck. I could try to get your car started if you wouldn’t mind.”

And that’s how it all began.



“Thank you”

The first emotion I felt toward Rod was gratitude. He not only helped me that night but came back the next day to attempt to put a new battery in. At 30 below C! I shed a few tears of relief when I got home. Vehicle maintenance was not a passion.

The Tickets

To express my appreciation I gave Rod a thank you card which included 2 Toby Keith concert tickets I had been holding to try to revive a dying long distance relationship I was “kind of” in. I thought he was married. His response was, “The only way I can accept these is if you come with me.” Sadly, he informed me had lost his wife suddenly a year earlier.

I was learning to say “yes” to life. This was the first “yes” to the man I didn’t know I would marry.


A romantic rose

On Valentine’s Day Rod  delivered one beautiful pink rose to my office. “No woman should be without flowers on Valentine’s Day“, he explained. I smiled. All the girls there were impressed. And so was I. But I was being very cautious.

 Our first date

Our Toby Keith concert date was still some weeks away when, out of the blue, Rod called. He had complimentary tickets to a local fundraiser with all sorts of musical talent playing. Would I come with him? Another chance to practice my “yes”. 

We laugh now looking back because we had no idea what went on that night except for needing to be louder than the music. We sat at a table by ourselves and talked and laughed. I didn’t know until later that Rod’s friends left us alone as they could see we were wrapped up in “conversation”.

March – December

getting to know each other

I had worked through so many of my FEARS that I was at peace. I was relaxed and interested in getting to know this man who openly pursued me. We discovered so many things in common including the shared values of family, respect and caring in a relationship and a desire to endlessly grow.

Our story unfolds as I tell it in our Blog Adventures of Love After 50. I NEVER thought I would find a love like ours.

I Said YES!

I needed commitment. I needed certainty and security with a man who adored me. The question came one night at a Tai food restaurant we had been to several times. I almost derailed the evening by insisting we meet my daughter and grandkids at McDonald’s for a little visit before hand. So funny.

Poor Rod was unusually nervous. And sweet. I never thought I would hear those words again. “Bernice, will you marry me?”

The Next February 11th

Our wedding – exactly one year from our first date

The most magical day of my life. And Rod also lays claim to that. Our small wedding turned out to be about 80 guests and I was so self-conscious about walking up the aisle. There were so many triggered emotions coming up for me.

Understanding how difficult it was for me, what did my amazing man suggest? To dance me up the aisle. We were in a perfect little rustic cabin type venue with our closest family and friends all around us. And the song we chose was Etta James singing, “At Last”.

My love had come along. My lonely days were over.

We now live  in an incredible “Michelangelo love”.



We live in michelangelo love

7 years later (can’t believe it’s been that long) we still live in an Over the Moon, Never Leave Me Love. We discovered the Michelangelo vision (I talk about it in this post) and we see each other that way every day.

Yes, there are highs and lows as life is full of them. There are surprises that nearly knock us over and unpleasant, scary things like death and illness and injuries but we are here to watch each other’s back.

Just as our Story began with gratitude, EVERY DAY (no exaggeration) we express how thankful we are to be in each other’s lives.


Imagine a year from now!

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