Guess what, lovely lady? YOU are enough.

Even if you have struggled with this thought your entire life – and it’s stopping you from trusting again – the simple steps below will transform your life and rebuild your confidence to heights that astound you (and the men who come along, by the way).

The struggle: You tell yourself that he (whoever the “he” is/was) didn’t love you because you weren’t ENOUGH.

Not true. So not true.

That is just not the reason relationships fail. He left or went somewhere else or you left him because, very simply, neither of your needs were being met in the relationship.

Where does this leave you and I and the majority of the 1000’s of women who have been there, lost the relationship and lived to tell the Story?

Most of the time, it’s filled with the FEAR that we’ll have to experience that kind of breaking up, falling apart inside and out, again.

We Always Ask “Why”?

We naturally ask ourselves, “Why did this happen? Why couldn’t he love me like I need to be loved? Why did he choose someone else?”

You can fill in your own “Why” questions.

The conclusion most of us come to after a few times of things not working out is… “I must not be enough to hold a man’s love.”

So, we hide behind that FEAR to stay safe. So that no one else will discover that we’re not enough..and reject us or laugh at us or ridicule us or abuse us.

FEAR can be an enemy or it can be a friend.

FEAR was given to us to protect us. Did you ever touch a hot stove when you were a child? Me, too. Ouch! Have you been very wary of hot things ever since? Rightly so! You learned not to go there. You know it will bring pain.

Bottom line is that you are one who has to decide if FEAR will be a friend or a foe.

Are you going to stay scared and alone?

Or are you going to make a decision that it’s time to stand up for your heart and use FEAR to help you monitor your sensitivity to guys who aren’t right for you.

This means you take back the control over your life and your destiny?

If you make friends with FEAR, it can also teach you a lot about yourself and your own blocks and limiting beliefs.

FACT: There is a man out there who is looking for someone just like you.

But, the sad thing is, he won’t be attracted to you if you are a woman who is hiding behind her FEAR.

You will attract men. Oh yes, any woman can attract men if she just puts herself out there. BUT, from a place of fear and desperation, you will attract men who discover you will do anything to be loved. They will learn that they can treat you almost any way they want to and you will stay.

No wonder we are afraid! We are stuck in a pattern that is calling men to us who are exactly what we DON’T need. I call this Relationship Insanity – doing the same relationship over and over and expecting different results.


Time to call out the “REAL YOU”.

Where are you, Wonder Woman?

You must heal your heart to a place where you attract men from a place of STRENGTH, not fear.

O my goodness! The beauty you have inside of you is amazing.

I want you to find her. That Diamond Beauty. Wonder Woman lives!! IN YOU!

I want you to not only find her, I want you to let her be the one who shines.

All that you have been through has created a wisdom in you that is phenomenal.

Beneath the anger.

Beneath the insecurity.

Beneath the doubt.

Beneath the cynicism about men…and love…and ever finding it.

Go beneath it to the CORE. Like the inside of the earth. That place that is in the sweetest, most delicate, strongest part of your heart. You know it. It’s most likely hidden but you know it’s the part of you:

…who won’t take being bullied.

…who comes out when you are pushed into a corner.

…who knows ANY MAN would be so blessed to have this part of her loving him. He would be THE luckiest man on earth.

She’s the gold that has been refined in the fires of life.

She’s the Diamond that has emerged from the heat and pressure from all the ways life has tried to stamp her out.

She’s the Warrior who welcomes FEAR as a Protector but uses it as a Guide, not a lock-down.

How you Find The “I Am Enough” part of you…

If you haven’t already, start a “Strength Journal”. Or re-name your current Journal to now be your “Strength Journal”.

Next STEPS to take: Use the I Am Enough Tool over and over again…