Challenge Yourself #3: Start A Dream Journal. Take back the control of where your mind goes. Focus on your future.

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Download the pdf version of “Start Dreaming Again“: Create a Dream Journal”.

Steps To Creating A Dream Journal:

One: Choose a Journal you love with blank, unlined pages.

Two: Find a few magazines that hold a variety of pictures.

Three: Choose a title that represents you and your hopes and dreams. Even simply “My Dream Book” is excellent. Don’t stress over this.

Four: Leaf through your magazines and find pictures and phrases that appeal to you for some reason. Don’t assess the reason or try to figure it out. Feel your heart’s response to colors or faces or beauty or nature or objects and just cut away.

Five: After you have some pictures and phrases gathered, start gluing into your book. Pictures can have phrases and other pictures overlapping like a scrapbook.

Six: Write or type up poems to glue in that have special meaning for you.

Seven: Add pictures of the people you love and write what you wish for them. Or who you want to be for them.

Eight: Be creative and open to new ideas. Give yourself time each day, each week consistently to dream of what you want and put it into your book as you find things.

Nine: Read it over when you are needing a boost or a reminder of where you are heading or when the past is overwhelming you.

Closing the Door to your Back Room means turning you back on your past (The Back Room) and taking steps toward your Sun Room.

Your Sun Room is the future you are creating for yourself.

It’s bright and sunny, lots of windows, comfy furniture, your favorite music and people.

Don’t forget to add pictures of this room, too, so you remember the “feeling” of how you want your life to be.

My Commitment To Myself