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What? Me? Irresistible?

A little nervous of dating again?

With these tips you'll be showing up relaxed and at ease, ready to have fun and enjoy date - maybe for the first tie in a long time.

  • Understand the lasting kind of Attraction Magic that goes way beyond the physical kind.
  • Learn why (and how) it's ok to let Attraction grow over a series of dates.
  • Master the secret of bringing something with you that no other woman has but you.
  • Discover the flirty little technique that will leave him feeling honored...and always wanting more.
  • Find the key to connecting in a way that few women bother to cultivate. This alone will have him asking for another date way before this one is over.

This little book will open your eyes and equip you with an Attraction Magic you'll be anxious to put into practice.

First date or #20, be the one he wont' be able to stop thinking about you.

Yeah - gimme this!

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