Hi. I'm Bernice.

I'm a Happiness Coach and

this is me at 55.

The day one of my dreams came true.

What's Standing Between YOU and YOUR Dream?

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There's a Secret Wish your heart hides even though you are now over that "50ish" hill. You wish you could know what real, incredible love (and life) feels like. You're afraid it's too late. You are SO WRONG about that.

Change Your Story-Open To Love

You don't want to be alone for the rest of your life BUT your Story will convince you that love with a great guy just isn't for you. Prince Charming doesn't exist!

Change Your Story - Open To Life

You would love to go for that dream BUT your Story tells you that it's too late. You are all washed up, wrinkling up and you should just live out the rest of your life being "safe".

Change Your Story - Open To Happiness

To you, your Story sounds SO true. So logical, Makes sense. Happiness is only found in fairy tales and you stopped believing in those a long time ago...BUT what if fairy tales are really meant to teach us about the heart?

The Courage to be Happy

You're not the kind of woman who really just wants to lay down and let old age take her away. Neither am I.

I coach women like you, beyond 50, who have put their hearts to sleep because life just seems easier, safer that way.

THE TRUTH IS (3 Magic Words I have learned to use a lot) the Stories you are believing about yourself and about men and life are standing in your way like a brick wall on your Path.

It's time.

Your time to stop letting those Stories tell you who you are and what you can and cannot do.

Let's add some Courage to be Happy to your life and get you those secret dreams.

Bernice McDonald, Your Happiness Coach

The Power Pillars That Change Your Story

It's simple. You have an Old Story that has put your heart to sleep. You need to break the wall that is standing between you and the life you wish you could live. Your New Story is where the magic happens!

Power Pillar #1: Your WHY

First, we look at YOUR Old Story and you get to decide if this is going to be the Story you choose to live in for the rest of your life.

Power Pillar #2: Truth

This is where the magic happens. Your worth, your value, your abilities - somewhere, somehow you lost sight of the real you inside. Your heart. We use these magic words, "The truth is..." to find THE TRUTH of who you've been hiding all these years.

Power Pillar #3: Hope

Next, we exchange your Old Story for your New Story. We keep it simple. And we reinforce and practice that Story every day by giving you the tools you need to step into the Courage to be Happy.

"Because of the "I'm not good enough" Story that Trina was telling herself, she didn't think she'd ever be able to really love life again. 'Bernice, Every time I have come this far on this journey, I have stopped. Thanks to you I have plans and steps to go beyond and I am so excited! I am so glad you are in my life!' "

Trina, Red Deer, AB

FREE DOWNLOAD: One of 5 Stories you tell yourself is preventing you from going for it. Opening your Heart again! (Oh - & one may have a Fiery FEAR Dragon in it)

Which one (or ones) is yours?


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